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1/16 Toyota Cup: BBCU 1 – Bangkok Glass 3

July 01, 2015

1/16 Toyota Cup: BBCU 1 – Bangkok Glass 3

Match corresponding to the 1/16 of Toyota Cup, in which Bangkok Glass played a one-game away match against Big Bang Chulalongkorn University FC. Win for the visiting team for 1-3, which qualifies Bangkok Glass for the 1/8 round.

The match started with two good chances for the visiting team. The first one after a good combination in midfield, that ended with a through pass to Kaikaew that left him face-to-face against the goalkeeper, but his shot was well saved by the goalkeeper exiting the goal. The second one was for Bodin, in a personal play in left wing, he dribbled the defender with a change of pace and entered the box, but his shot was well cleared by the goalkeeper. The local team answered with a long distance shot that was cleared by Narit in two times with some trouble. Bangkok Glass took the lead in the scoreboard in minute 35, after a penalty protested by the local team; Praweenwat scored with a shot to the left of the goalkeeper. Shortly after came the play of the night, in a high through-pass from Kaimbi in midfield to the back of the defence on the left wing that was kicked on goal in a one-touch by Kaikaew, the ball went over the goalkeeper but hit the post. It would have been an amazing goal. There were no more chances in a first half totally controlled by the visiting team.

The second half started with a new opportunity for Bangkok Glass. After a good through-pass to Bodin in left wing, he dribbled two defenders with two nice flicks but his shot went out after he did the most difficult thing. The goal that tied the match came after this chance, it was minute 52. A player from BBCU made a good through-pass to a teammate coming from the right side, entered the box, dribbled a defender and kicked on goal, the shot was deflected by Narit with his foot, but the deflection went to the penalty spot were it was kicked on goal by Naret Ritpitakwong. The visiting team answered with a chance for Anan, who received a great through-pass from Tasevski, but his shot in a complicated position between two local defenders went slightly out. Bangkok Glass took the lead in the scoreboard in minute 77 in a corner set-play. The play ended with a ball crossed to the box from the right wing and it was headed on goal by Matt Smith coming from outside the box, the ball entered close to the corner of the goal. The game ended with a new goal for the visiting team, a great goal by Bodin, who sent a missile from outside the box that entered close to the right post. It was minute 90 and there was no time for more action.

After this win, Bangkok Glass qualifies for 1/8 finals of Toyota Cup.