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Matchday 16: Bangkok Glass 2 – Suphanburi 2

July 19, 2015

Matchday 16: Bangkok Glass 2 – Suphanburi 2

Matchday 16 of Thai Premier League in which Bangkok Glass received at Leo Stadium the visit of Suphanburi, fourth in the standings behind their rival today. Game with a lot of chances that ended tied to 2, but could have easily ended with some more goals in the scoreboard.

The first half started with the visiting team pressing more and being able to create several consecutive chances. The first one came from a play in right wing that ended with a through-pass to the forward from the second line that left him face-to-face against Narit, although a bit sided to the right of the box, but his shot was cleared by the goalkeeper with a good hand. The next one was very similar, with a new play from right wing and through-pass to the forward, who entered the box from the right side but his shot was again well cleared by Narit. The third came from a strong long distance shot saved by Narit without trouble. The last chance came from a far free-kick executed by Jakkapan, their most dangerous player in the game, that went out slightly over the bar. However, the local team created the best chance so far in their first attempt. A corner kicked from the right side was headed by Matt Smith and saved by the goalkeeper over the line, the deflection went to the feet of Praweenwat but his shot hit the post and the subsequent deflection was kicked over the bar by Siripala. Bangkok Glass had two new chances with long distance shots by Tasevksi and Siwakorn that went out. In the next opportunity Bangkok Glass took the lead, it was minute 23. After a free-kick crossed to the box, the referee conceded a penalty for a tug by a rival defender to Tasevski when he was going to shoot on goal. Tasevski was in charge of converting the penalty with an accurate shot to the left post. Jakkapan had a new free-kick for Suphanburi, but his shot from the edge of the box went out close to the right post of Narit’s goal. The visiting team balanced the scoreboard in their next chance, after the referee conceded another penalty, for a foul by Matt Smith to a rival player. Jakkapan converted the penalty with a shot to the right of Narit; it was minute 36. The last chance of the first half was for Bangkok Glass, in a corner-kick from the left side that was headed out in the close post by Praweenwat. There was no more time, an interesting first half with a lot of alternatives.

The second half started as the first one, with an opportunity for the visiting team. A shot from outside the box was cleared to corner by Narit in a magnificent save. Yet in their next attempt they took the lead in the scoreboard. A break-through in the left side by a rival player ended with a crossing to the box that was shot by a teammate, the ball went on goal bouncing to hit the post and avoiding the clearance by Supachai, with the bad luck that the deflection hit in Supachai and entered his own goal. It was minute 48 and the game did not look good for Bangkok Glass after this bad luck episode. The local team answered with a strong shot from outside the box by Tasevski, that was cleared with some trouble by the goalkeeper, the deflection went to the feet of Anan but his shot went over the bar. Tasevski had another chance in a free-kick from the edge of the box that wen over the bar, and then Kaikaew after a play in left wing by Bodin, who entered the box and passed to Kaikaew coming from second line, but his shot was well cleared by the goalkeeper; last, also Matt Smith had a chance after a corner-kick from the right side, but his header went over the bar. Both teams lost a player due to a second yellow card, first Bangkok Glass lost Peeraphong and shortly after Suphanburi lost Sa-Ardchom. In the last minutes the visiting team could close the match with two plays from left wing, the first one after a break-through into the box that ended with a shot that went over the bar, and then with another break-through and shot that went out. Suphanburi would pay for these errors as the local team scored a goal in the stoppage time. In the 91st minute, a crossing to the box from right wing was headed on goal by Anan, alone in the edge of the small box. Anan even had another chance to turn around the score after a counterattack, he received the ball in the edge of the box and after dribbling a defender his shot went directly to the hands of the goalkeeper.

After this tie Bangkok Glass continues third in the table with 32 points, keeping the 4 points distance over Suphanburi, still fourth. In the top, Buriram United is leader alone again with 36 points, after the tie of Muang Thong United, now second with 34 points.