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3rd Round FA Cup: Bangkok Glass 3 – Rangsit 1

July 29, 2015

3rd Round FA Cup: Bangkok Glass 3 – Rangsit 1

Match corrresponding to the third round of FA Cup, in which Bangkok Glass faced Rangsit, their grassroots team. Total control by Bangkok Glass who ended up winning by 3-1 and qualified for 4th round.

The first half was dominated totally by Bangkok Glass, creating numerous goal chances. The first came from the left side, in a break-through to the goal line by Anuwat, his crossing to the box was kicked by Aridane but impeded by a defender, the ball went deflected up and saved by the goalkeeper with a hand close to the bar. The next opportunity also came in a play from left side, the ball ended in the feet of Kaikaew in the edge of the box, but his shot aimed to the corner of the goal was cleared by the goalkeeper with a good hand. The subsequent corner-kick was headed to the hands of the goalkeeper by Darit, one of the new faces in the lineup. The following one also came from a corner-kick, the crossing was headed by Worawut and deflected by Goshi but the ball ended up hitting the bar and cleared by a defender of Rangsit. In minute 20 Bangkok Glass would not miss. In a new play in left wing in a through-pass to the back of the defence to Anuwat, the ball was crossed to the second post to the arrival of Goshi, who shot on goal with a one-touch. A nice goal. The first and sole attempts on goal by Rangsit during the first half came from a long distance shot that went over the bar, and in a personal play in the edge of the box by their forward, who dribbled a couple defenders but his shot went over the bar. It was again Anuwat, a continuous danger during the first half, who generated the next chance. A break-through from him ended in an attempt of shot with a touch over the goalkeeper that was cleared to corner by him. The subsequent corner-kick was headed by Aridane struggling with a defender, the ball went deflected to the air and cleared by a defender of Rangsit, but the ball went to Thossapol, who was playing for the first time with the first team coming precisely from Rangsit, in the right corner of the box, and shot on goal with a magnificent kick impossible for the goalkeeper. A great goal; it was minute 42. With this goal ended the first 45 minutes.

The second half started with an opportunity for Rangsit, in the feet of their forward, who after dribbling a couple defenders in the edge of the box, ended up shooting to the hands of Pornchai, the goalkeeper today. Bangkok Glass answered with a shot from the edge of the box by Chatree that went slightly out, and with a long through pass to Goshi, who entered the box struggling with a defender and his shot went out close to the post. In the next chance came the third goal, in a great personal play by Bordin, it was minute 76. He received the ball in the left side and started dribbling to the inside and made a strong shot on goal that was deflected with trouble by the goalkeeper, the deflection went to the penalty spot and Bordin was faster than a defender and kicked on goal. Rangsit answered with a chance on left side, that ended in a break-through into the box but the subsequent shot was well cleared with the foot by Pornchai. However, in the 89th minute they reduced the distance in the scoreboard, after a good personal play by Thammayut, who received in the edge of the box and after dribbling a defender shot on goal and the ball went low and close to the right post, impossible for Pornchai. A great goal to close the game.