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Matchday 19: Muang Thong United 5 – Bangkok Glass 0

August 09, 2015

Matchday 19: Muang Thong United 5 – Bangkok Glass 0

Matchday 19 in Thai Premier League, and second match of the second leg, in which Bangkok Glass visited Muang Thong United in a duel at the top of the standings. After the tie without goals in the first leg, this time Muang Thong United was superior and beat Bangkok Glass for 5 goals to 0, although a bit strange as it conceded two goals at the beginning of the match and another two at the end.

The game started in the worst manner for the visiting team, as Muang Thong scored in their first approach on goal; it was minute 3. A long ball to the back of the defence to the break-through in right side of a rival player ended in a play inside the box and the pass back to the arrival of Silva, who shot on goal, although Narit almost managed to clear the ball, but he did not touch it with enough strength. Bangkok Glass answered quickly with a long distance shot by Tasevski that went wide out. However, it was the local team who created a new chance in right wing, with another ball to the back of the defence that ended again with a break-through into the box, but nobody could kick the crossing. But in minute 9 they had another chance and this time they did not miss. A corner-kick executed to the second post to the arrival of a local player, with no mark, he touched the ball to the first post where Teerasil Dangda was, who only had to head on goal. In only 10 minutes the match turned quite difficult for Bangkok Glass. The visiting team reacted with several chances. Kaikaew had an opportunity in a free-kick from the edge of the box, but his shot went wide out; in the next play, a crossing from the right side was headed by Aridane but the goalkeeper blocked the ball in a very nice save; last, a break-through in right wing by Tanasith ended with a crossing to the first post that Aridane could not kick as the defender was faster to clear to corner. Muang Thong had a last chance in the first half to increase the difference in the scoreboard, but a new long ball to the back of the defence, this time in left wing, could not be kicked by a rival player in front of Narit, who was exiting the goal, the ball went deflected to a rival forward, who sent the ball out when the easiest was to score. The first half ended with a two goal difference, that could be a bit misleading due to the quick two goals scored by the local team.

The second half continued in the same fashion, and Muang Thong scored their third goal again in their first approach on goal. After receiving in right wing, Teerasil Dangda entered the box with no opposition by the visiting defence, and passed the ball to the arrival of Gjurovski, who only had to kick on goal. Bangkok Glass could reduce the difference in the scoreboard with a crossing from the right side that Narong headed coming from second line, but the ball went out nearly touching the left-hand edge of the goal. Tasevski also had a chance in another far shot that went out to the right of the goal, and Bordin after a crossing to the box from right wing that he kicked on goal but the ball went out close to the bar. The lack of effectiveness on goal by Bangkok Glass was punished in the last minutes with two goals from Muang Thong. The first one in the 87th minute, after a shot on goal from the edge of the box that Narit cleared, but the deflection went to the feet of Pombubpha, who only had to kick on goal. Only three minutes later, in minute 90, Pombubpha again scored the fifth goal. In a counter-attack in left wing, a rival player entered the box and after dribbling a defender and then Narit, passed the ball to the arrival of Pombubpha, who again only had to kick on goal.

After this defeat Bangkok Glass is now third with 38 points, three points behind Buriram United and Muang Thong United, who both won their games. Behind, Chonburi gets closer to two points and is fourth with 36 points.