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Matchday 21: Bangkok United 2 – Bangkok Glass 0

August 19, 2015

Matchday 21: Bangkok United 2 – Bangkok Glass 0

Matchday 21 in Thai Premier League, in which Bangkok Glass visited Bangkok United in a duel for the third spot in the standings. After the 1-0 win for Bangkok Glass in the first leg, this time Bangkok United won 2-0 in a very disputed game without clear goal chances in which the scoreboard reflected a bigger difference than shown on the pitch.

The first opportunity with certain danger was for the visiting team, in a long ball to Aridane, who entered the box and fell in a struggle with a defender in a dubious penalty. Kaikaew also had a chance with a strong shot from outside the box that went over the bar. The first and only chance for the local team in the first half came in a free-kick from the edge of the box by Gasmi that went out nearly touching the left post of the goal defended by Pornchai. That was all in the first half, without any shots on goal for both teams.

The second half continued more or less in the same fashion, with both teams very even and with difficulties to break the rival defence. The first dangerous action of the second half was for the visiting team, in a crossing to the box from the right side that was headed way out by Matt Smith. The local team answered in a play in right wing that ended with a crossing to the second post where John kicked the ball backwards in a spectacular action that went out over the bar. The best chance for the visiting team came from a long ball to Bordin in left wing, who entered the box but his shot was cleared to corner by the goalkeeper with some difficulties. Bangkok United took the lead in the scoreboard in minute 63 in a set-play. A ball crossed to the box to the far post from midfield was touched to the heart of the box by a rival player where John, without mark, only had to kick on goal. Bangkok Glass answered with a new break-through by Bordin in left wing, who entered the box after a through-pass by Tasevski, but his shot, in struggle with a rival defender, was blocked by the goalkeeper. The local team had two consecutive chances to increase the difference in the scoreboard, first in a free-kick from the right edge of the box kicked by Sanrawat directly to the hands of Pornchai, and then in a counterattack when Bangkok Glass was pushing for the tie, Ekkachai ended hand-to-hand against Pornchai but sent the ball out. The definitive 2-0 came in a play of bad luck in the last moment of the match; it was minute 93. Pornchai kicked from goal, the ball went to a rival defender who headed back to where Matt Smith was, who slipped while he was trying to control the ball, which ended in the feet of Ekkachai, who entered the box and beat Pornchai with a crossed shot.

After this defeat Bangkok Glass remains third with 41 points, three points behind Muang Thong United, who still has a pending match, and six points behind Buriram United, leader alone. Behind, things tighten with Bangkok United and Chonburi fourth and fifth with 40 and 39 points, respectively.